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What an impact a well made wig can have! Dania Gurira is one of the stars from the walking dead that wears a wig to give an added edge to her performance on the show. She loves the simplicity and low maintenance factor, and its transformative effect!

walking dead

Michonne looks like a badass. And a good part of that badassery is due to her hair — those flowing dreadlocks that whip around as she is slicing and dicing zombies left and right. But it’s not real. I’m not talking about the zombies — which are, of course, totally 100% real — but rather the hair. It’s actually a wig worn by actress Dania Gurira to achieve maximum Michonne.

We asked Gurira what she loves and hates the most about the wig, and you can now see her full response in the video player below. On the positive side, Gurira immediately points to the transformative properties of the hair. “The Michonne wig is fantastic,’ said Gurira while taking a break from her EW The Walking Dead cover shot. “The Michonne wig transforms me. It makes me her. I put it on, I don’t see me anymore.” She also appreciates the low-maintenance approach. “It’s probably one of the more user friendly hairstyles a black girl can have in the apocalypse, because dreadlocks just kind of do their own thing for the most part.”

Of course, that’s the good side. What about the bad? “Sometimes it’s 100 degrees in the swamps of Georgia,” notes Gurira. “That can be a little tricky with the wig.” So how does the crew cool her down when things are running a bit toasty? Click on the video player below to find out, and for more Walking Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. Via