Decades of Experience and Passion

I strive every day to ensure all clients receive my complete attention and full heart...


Personal Touch

I always conduct a full consultation to get to know you as an individual.


Gentle, Considerate and Caring

Shortly after my dad was diagnosed, I wanted to learn as much as I could so I could help him in as many ways as I could.


I strive every day to ensure all clients receive my complete attention and full heart so they can receive the benefits from my decades of experience and passion. This is my unwavering pledge to all that visit Zain’s Place.

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What I Do

What I Do - Zains PlaceFor most of my adult life, I have worked as a professional hair designer, makeup artist and wig specialist. During the last 20 years, my work has been focused mainly on supporting those who have been facing the challenges of appearance related side-effects of cancer. As coordinator/wig specialist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s Wig Salon & Accessories Boutique from 2002 to 2015, and a volunteer facilitator/coordinator with Wellspring and the Look Good Feel Better program, I have fitted thousands of oncology patients over the years. This has allowed me to become accustomed with the unique challenges that face cancer patients and others who  may be dealing with medically related hair loss.


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Finding The Right Wig

Finding The Right Wig - Zains Place

Fitting a person with a wig can be approached in many different ways. Most people have had little to no experience with wigs and can easily get overwhelmed by the many different types, models and colors. Shopping online and sorting through the hundreds of synthetic and human hair wigs can be risky not knowing if the colour, fit and style will actually work. Using the expertise of a caring professional can ease your fear and help you find the perfect wig that makes you feel totally natural, comfortable and confident.



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Each and every time I see you in action, I am always so encouraged by your professionalism, compassion and talent.

Sherry Abbott

Zain the magician! He's really got a way to make you feel happy and good about yourself!

Kas Roussy

Zain makes people look beautiful, but even more importantly, he makes them FEEL beautiful, during a traumatic time in their lives. Hope to see you soon, my friend.

Christine Nielsen

The fear and trepidation turned to amusement, reassurance and acceptance. This is Zain's gift.

Maureen Taylor

The fine efforts of you and the staff in providing outstanding patient care to PMH patients and their families is exemplary and much appreciated.

Robert S. Bell

My Approach

My Approach - Zains PlaceBefore I begin selecting wigs I think would work, it is important to take some time to get to know you so I can get a sense and feel of your personality and fashion preferences. Then, after explaining the pros and cons between human hair and synthetic wigs, alternative styles, lengths and colours, I’ll make a few recommendations that I think would work. Ultimately, the “perfect” wig is one that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident, regardless of whether or not you are dealing with cancer. In the vast majority of situations, we both know immediately after exploring a few styles and colors which ones constitute the “perfect” wigs. That’s when the real magic happens.


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The Results

The Result - Zains Place

I find so much joy from this work and each client brings me sometimes as much or more than I’m able to give to them. For me however, there is nothing more satisfying than having a client who starts out a bit sceptical, but after a consultation, gains a full understanding of what they are looking for, and then together find a few styles they connect with and love. To see the ease, comfort and confidence come over them is very rewarding. Even more gratifying is when the same client comes back again and communicates to me how comfortable they were with the process and the end results. Nothing matters more to me than that. Nothing.


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“I always conduct a full consultation to get to know you as an individual. Many people are nervous and unsure of what looks good on them and have many questions: How often will they wear their wig? How much care is involved? Should I go with human or synthetic hair? How much does a wig cost? I will help guide you through all of your questions which is by far the biggest value I can bring to a client.” – Zain Haji

Allow Me to Support You in Facing The Appearance Related Challenges

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